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I Help philippine businesses Scale and Achieve Digitalization with Websites & Brand Strategy

Web Designer & Brand Strategist

Cagayan de Oro, Philippines

John Tanedo
  • Is your business more than 10 years active and looking to scale?
  • Are you still using traditional marketing methods?
  • Thinking about taking your company to the next level through digitalization?
  • Do you lack the team and the expertise to risk in-house online marketing?
  • Don't know where to start and who to ask for help?
If your answer to all the questions above is a big & juicy “YES!” then read on . . .

Established Businesses in the Philippines Should IMPROVE THEIR ONLINE PRESENCE & ENGAGE WITH THEIR AUDIENCE.

In this digital age, traditional businesses in the Philippines should have the ability to level the playing field against the top competitors and stand out on the internet through digitalization.  The task of coming up with the best strategy, mapping out concrete plans, crafting branding assets and the implementation to successfully launch a persuasive website & branding that increases online authority is quite daunting for traditional business owners.

Doing it yourself might cause you to:

Waste Your Precious Time

Instead of trying to learn how to make your brand stand out and build a website that appeals to your customers, you need to focus on improving your products/services to help your customers fulfill their needs better than your competitors.


Be Unorganized

Even if you do start building your website or crafting your brand on social media by yourself, what then? That is just the tip of the iceberg. Your business’s online presence and branding is a long-term investment that should be tackled strategically to make sure your target audience will be turned into paying customers.

Spend Unreasonable Amounts of Money

Time and time again we have seen businesses burn through their finances and do not get realistic results. I’m here to create a concrete blueprint for your business’s branding and online strategy.

Look Unprofessional

99% of DIY websites and brands on social media are very novice to say the least and this will be reflected on the product/service you are offering to your customers. Your business should look premium to sell premium.

Confuse Your Audience

Without the right strategy to target the perfect audience who needs your product/service, you won’t be able to harness even the most beautiful website and brand.

User-Centered Design is the Key.


Give Up

According to statistics more than 65% of businesses fail in their first 10 years. That should not be the case for you if you focus on your business! And let me do the heavy lifting of building your online reputation through a website and brand that your audience can easily engage with.


& I’M HERE TO be of service…


A web designer and brand strategist from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines with over 13 years of experience helping businesses, from the United States, Canada, and the Philippines have a superior advantage against the competition, improve their online presence, engage and resonate with their audience through visually appealing, user-friendly, effective websites and brands that persuade.

Getting traction for your business in the digital world, crafting a strong brand, and launching a mobile responsive website that engages with your audience should not get in the way of your efforts to work on your business’s systems and improve the product or service you are offering to your customers.




Why Me?

(What I bring to the Table)


Extensive Experience That Matters

With 13 years of hands-on experience, I’ve worked with design agencies in the US and Canada, honing my skills in web design and branding for businesses of all sizes.


Comprehensive Branding Expertise

I craft complete brand assets, including videos, copy, logos, and branding guidelines, ensuring your business stands out with a unique identity.

Holistic Digital Marketing Integration

My systems encompass not only design but also strategic digital marketing plans, seamlessly integrated with your website and brand assets.

Strong English Communication Skills

Proficient in English, I excel in understanding your business needs and specifications, effectively translating them into your design and branding.

Proactive, User-Centric Approach

From discovery to nurturing stages, my services are proactive, user-centric, audience-driven, and aligned with modern design principles.

Collaboration with a Creative Network

I collaborate seamlessly with other creatives, enhancing your marketing efforts with expertise in front-end programming, video marketing, SEO, social media marketing, graphic design, and more.


Genuine Client-Centric Approach

My approach to Web Design and Brand Strategy goes beyond the transaction. I genuinely care about your business, taking the time to understand your goals and aspirations. I’m not just here to take your money; I’m here to help you make money through your website and brand’s marketing efforts.


Many local designers lack the depth of experience required to understand the nuances of modern web design and branding trends.
Typical designers often focus solely on web design, leaving brand development as an afterthought.
Most local designers lack the digital marketing expertise needed to drive results, relying solely on design.
Language barriers can hinder effective communication, potentially leading to misunderstandings and misaligned outcomes.
Many designers follow a cookie-cutter approach, failing to prioritize user experience and audience engagement.
Limited skill sets often restrict their ability to provide comprehensive marketing support beyond basic design.
Many designers focus solely on completing the project without a deeper commitment to your business’s success. They may lack the dedication and personal touch required to truly understand and support your growth.

When choosing a web designer and brand strategist in the Philippines, the difference is clear.

I bring a wealth of experience, comprehensive branding skills, digital marketing integration, effective communication, user-centric design, and a collaborative spirit that sets me apart from the rest in the Philippines..

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